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Colourful Marbles

Have you ever played 'Kanche Gotee' ??? Kanche means marbles, a Popular Bombay game. I certainly have, particularly 'Ring- taw' as a child for hours with friends. Ring - taw is a traditional marble game played between friends in a garden, building compound, park or any open space. Each player would upon his turn, arrange five of his marbles of a colour of his choice - in a billiard like triangle or a ring drawn on the ground with his index finger or a chalk. My marbles were always orange... I loved orange as a colour (not knowing then ofcourse that I could claim some power advantage in the game by sheer choice of colour) The other player would now take his 5 attempts, to strike the opponents marbles out of that triangle thru his shooter marble. As many as he could push out of the triangle in 5 strikes, would belong to him. Only condition : your shooter marble after each strike should come out of the triangle. If it doesn't, you lose your strikes. I do not see anyone playing gotee these days. Gotees look very pretty. For nostalgic reasons, I ordered colourful marbles from Amazon, 200 of them & have placed it in a cut-glass jar more now as soothing decoration. Skill, concentration, eye-sight mattered..more fun than Candy Crush, surely.

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