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Committment -The Elixir For Undelivered Challenges

Whatever may be the challenges for non-delivered targets, hopes & ambitions,

'Committment' is the ultimate Elixir. If there was no committment deficiency, challenges would never have remained, ever undelivered. Committment is dedication unwavering to the purpose.

Mistakenly, many associate committment with emotions. Thus is a blunder. Committment is actually the character quality of avhiwvers that enables them to reach their goals.

Five things one should know about Committment which are different that what conventional belief would have one believe:

1. Committment is usually discovered in the midst of adversity.

2. Committment does not depend on gifts, inducements, prizes abd awards. Those who are committed to purpose are committed until it is achieved. They do not stop delivering merely because they do not get rewarded or recognised.

3. Committment is not an ability. You may have a skill or a talent or an ability within you. It will remain dormant and unfulfilled forever unless you are committed to its delivery and hence fulfillment.

4. Committment is not as a matter of circumstances as much it is a matter of choice. You are committed not because the Contextual situation is positive or the enabling environment is congenial. Committed people are committed to delivery and will work on its fulfillment irrespective of environmental enablers.

5. Committment lasts when it is firmly Anchored to values. If not , easily people opt for flight. Rightly they say that anytime people make choices based on solid life values, they are in a better position to sustain their level of commitment.

Ordinary people with committment can make an extraordinary impact on their world. Unless you are committed, never ask to get in. Once you are committed, you will never ask to get-out !

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