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Compulsive Obsessions

Once the mind is obsessed with an idea, it loses its rationality. It becomes unable to think wisely beyond that subject, thought, idea or person that has fully captured the realms of his/her thinking. The ability to reset the wise-balance is completely lost.

Thus the doubters asks - what is wrong if one was obsessed with a great idea, a positive bright thought or whatever ? Isn't it great ? Now that is debatable.

Whilst one could argue that it is wonderful to be obsessed with a great, positive thought or idea of a person or a thing, I personally believe that losing a rational balance and worst - losing ability to reset that balance is a great loss of human capability by any standards. Ability lost is a Set-back. Inability to reset the lost balance is the great loss. I would rue that loss of ability to feel, think and see other shades and colors of reality beyond the one that has caught fancy and captured the mind-space .

Everytime I think about Obsession, this verse from

'The Panchatantra' Tales comes to my mind. Let me share it with you for the joy of verse.

How did Ravana fail to feel

That it's wrong, a wife to steal?

How did Rama fail to see

Golden deer could never be ?

How Yudhistir fail to know

Gambling brings

a train of woe?

Clutching evil dims the sense,

Darkening intelligence.

Once the mind

is gripped by fate,

The judgement

even of the great,

In mortal meshes

fetters and wends

To unintended,

crooked ends...

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