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Concentration - The Real Power of 1

The Russian's say - if you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

I have never been a big protagonist of Multi--skilling. I might get media-lynched by management thinkers for saying this. The fad is to position 'multi-skilling' as an hallmark of efficient leadership.

I love to read heroics of Rama & Krishna. But my all time hero certainly is the great Arjuna who epitomized 'concentration'. Everyone knows the bird's eye story. Thus not repeating.

The fact remains that multi- tasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time says Steve Uzzell. I agree. Acute concentration on the most critical thing is the hall-mark of success.

Multi-tasking is a just a situational response to not investing time to determine that '1' critical thing that makes the difference to winning. This folly gets masked by diverting energy to multiple things all being positioned as equally critical !

I tell mentees : Concentrate on that "ONE THING' (even from amongst the 20% Parrettos) which being aligned with purpose, sits atop your priorities. It is that one thing that you should concentrate on

Success is an inside job. A job of knowing the fulcrum & determining that 1 thing which makes the big difference to success.

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3 תגובות

16 באפר׳ 2020

so true Adil, I too believe one can concentrate and do well only one thing at a time. I give the example of the ATCs. Even in the busiest airports like JFK or CDG they bring in only one plane at a time, and then move to guiding the next one


Verzavand Postvala
Verzavand Postvala
15 באפר׳ 2020

My wife always gives me a Big Bamboo Insisting on MULTI TASKING & NOT PROCRASTINATING


Verzavand Postvala
Verzavand Postvala
15 באפר׳ 2020

Guruji Adil Malia Saheb I wish I had 1%of your wisdom I would have conquered the World All your articles are highly knowledgeable & APPRECIATED Beyond doubts

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