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Conception, Pre-conception & Misconception

Conception, Pre-conception & Misconception

A thin line differentiates these three concepts. Better for leaders to know.

Born with our senses, we are expected to guage all our experiences & judge objectively by using our senses.

'Conception' is objective assessment of experiences purely based on evaluation by ones senses.

Sometimes, we arrive at early judgment & take decisions without full view & exposure of evidences. This is 'Preconception'.

'Mis-conception' is wrong evaluation of evidences thus leading to a wrong decision.

Effective leadership has to use Evidence Based Conception. Critical.

Let me share a story.

James the woodsman found his axe, the most important means of his livelihood, missing. Trying to guess the thief, he concluded that his neighbour's son Abe to be the most likely suspect.

He spies on Abe & casually talks to him. Every aspect of Abe's behaviour (talk, eyes, walk, voice, nervousness) appeared suspicious.

Back at home that afternoon, in the backyard, James found his axe. He was happy but puzzled. How could Abe not be the thief ? All evidences & behaviours had pointed towards him.

That evening James saw Abe again. He chit-chatted. James did not find his talk,walk,voice or eyes suspicious. He tried to detect evidences but NOW, he could not.

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