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Confidence vs Worry

Competence & Confidence Vs.

Worry & Anxiety.

The two tag teams wrestle each day in life's various arenas.

Worry is the anxiety caused by fear occasioned by adverse experiences or chances of inimical outcomes.

When Confidence and Competence combine, no worry can exist. One can fail and have adverse results despite being competent. But if confidence accompanies competence, it has the potency to tide over the situation, however complex it may be. Hence no space for worry, no time for anxiety.

Confidence & Competence are a deadly tag team and Worry + Anxiety can be no match to them.

Rightly says Kabir :

" Chinta aisi dakini

Kaat kaleja khaye

Vaid bechara kya kare

Kaha tak dava lagaye "

Worry is a nasty thief who carves and devours 'confidence' from within you. What relaxants and ointments could a Doctor prescribe for you thence to resurge and tide over your anxiety...

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