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Contradictions and confutations are natural and in a way, adds to robustness and validity of the outcomes. Ability to handle contradictions with maturity, logic, grace and wisdom is the sign of a seasoned leader.

Unfortunately, in absence of wisdom - ego tends to rule higher than logic and reasoning. People thence tend to take offense and see confrontation as rejection and dissent. Ego converts robust disagreement into mindless confutation.

One evidences that in the Corporate leadership space, frequently. Mindless loyalty is demanded and even logical disagreement with the Leader is perceived as an evidence of betrayal ! 'Siloed' behaviours are nurtured & rewarded more than punished despite it hurting the common enterprise purpose. In a big way or small, all of us would have experienced this situation.

It also works the other way round. Your Manager/ Leader may have a different view than yours. So also your peers. They may be seeing a different view from a different window. And that is a view too that is valid and needs to be acknowledged.The greatest folly is to start believing that you are being persecuted merely because you are being contradicted.

If contradiction is sans logic and is driven more by personal agendas then it could be persecution. Yes. But what a folly that would be, if each time we are contradicted, we proclaim that to be persecution.

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