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Culture and Climate

'Culture' & 'Climate' when confused - the Titanic has to sink.

Adversities (like the ones we currently are facing), 'Stress Tests' Culture of the Enterprise & measures its readiness for transition to a new journey.

Most leaders mix up 'Culture' for 'Climate'.They foolishly invest resources to enhance the climate expecting to build correct culture.

Such a 'Titanic' has but to crash !

Culture is about the social design & architecture that the enterprise drives thru its leadership. It reflects the way things operate there. Climate however is about the level of employee satisfaction & experiences of the people with the work culture.

Climate is today's temperature whereas Culture is about the entire weather system incluing its measuring systems.

Titanic ... lets get deeper. It just had super climate. Super food, competent staff, super decor & unequalled entertainment (remember, the band foolishly kept playing till Titanic sank...AND the Captain foolishly delayed giving 'SOS' decisions for he believed the ship was built with such precision that it could not sink). Focus on courtesies & aesthetics rather than on basics of safety. Form over content

The climate of Titanic was fantastic but the culture led the ship straight into the iceberg. A monumental disaster to learn organisational lessons from.

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