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Culture - Signature Of The Enterprise

Was invited to speak at the annual 'Inconnectiva' talent summit.... Quintessence of my Theme : 'Culture Is The Signature Of The Enterprise... Culture Is The Vulture Of Transformation !'

Sharing some teachable points of views ;

- Every Organisation has 10 Business Systems that it needs to effectively manage to create Value. Culture is reflection of the unique nurtured values, People behaviours and Organisational Orientations based on its nurtured values as reflected in these 10 business systems.

- Culture cannot be stand-alone. It has no meaningful life of its own unless it is meshed with the 10 Business Processes that derive Value and drive results for the business.

- Culture may eat Strategy for breakfast, lunch or dinner or as a snack, anytime. Fact remains that unless organisation evolves and sustains a facilitative, open and a learning Culture that supports business, it cannot create potential business value.

- Culture gets set and is influenced by the preferred leadership style of the Founders/ Key Executives, it's history, its experiences, and peculiar market preassures its value chain experiences.

- Organisations' belief about Process Orientation, People Orientation, Diversity, Inclusivity , Quality, Cost and Safety influence the culture.

- Culture Change interventions and programs should not be introduced without clear need of the organisation for the same. Real Top Management / Board sponsorship is critical or the transformation journey would unceremoniously be aborted.

- Business Process Re-engineering contributes to enterprise 'EFFECIENCY' ... Culture Transformation adds to Enterprise 'EFFECTIVENESS'.

A lovely couplet to augment the overarching thought ...

"Aey Nakhuda (captain) , agar toofan se ladne ka Damm - Kham hai ( enthusiasm, zeal, sharp edge)

To idhar kashti na le anna tu,

Yahan, pani kumm hai "

Transformation of culture (Tehzeeb) fails without adequate support and sponsorship from top leadership.

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