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Culture Transformation

When the structure is damaged beyond repairs, it makes better sense to completely rebuild the structure than to keep repairing it piece-meal.

Progress into the future is not about repairing the falling Social museums. It is about change. It is about new structures that are stable and suitable for current times and for a reasonable extention into the future. Museums have their own historical value. You can visit museums and learn a lot from them. But you can't live in Museums. There is a strong case for building new structures whilst learning from museums.

Most organisations are in a perpetual state of culture transformation. Fallacy is in their tacit attempt to try and hold back progress so as to retain the legacy culture.

Better you build new structures with the same dedicated purpose retaining the values you endear for future than you hold back progress and have the old structure demolished by time.

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1 Comment

Jan 18, 2023

When structure is damaged beyond repairs it's a perception.. To reverse it step by step in the way it forwarded to this stage all starting only from Self... Vibes progress to heal others in which activated divine wisdom works and not the physical brain.. Which has only to concentrate on prayers and protocols kaaydesarnaa.. Thanks

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