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Defeat - My Master Teacher

Learning from 'Defeat' is more critical than learning from 'Winning' .... think about it. Learning from winning comes naturally & comes without resistance. But loss has a natural tendency to block the learning mind-set. Sometimes, defeat is an out come also of fears. Learning from defeat is therefore learning to overcome fears. I have lost many a times & learnt personally so much from my defeats that I celebrate the fact that I lost the things that I did - at the times I did. Whilst people see me (I hope) as a net winner but my real teacher has forever been my defeats & my resolve to learn from them. Let me share a secret. People have often appreciated my public speaking skills. I am thankful. But most people may not recall that in1990, the first time I professionally spoke from a public platform at Taj Mumbai, I collapsed, blacked out & made a spectacle of myself. My immediate decision was never ever to try & speak from Public platforms. That was reaction. But my response was different. I soon analysed, resolved & learnt from my teacher - my own failure and in a way my defeat. Today thankfully, I am a rather confident public speaker. My teacher worked miracles and taught me the secret - 'Learn from your Defeat' !!! Read on the doodle...

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