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Design Thinking - a Strategic Capability

We live in an age of 'Black-Swan' events which continuously disrupts & replaces the existing paradigms even before they get an opportunity to fully settle

down !

How can businesses operate with old designs when the overall business landscape undergoes a sea-change and the previous operating business model gets out paced and needs to be tested out for continued efficacy in the new context ???

'DESIGN THINKING' is but a new capability that is systematically emerging on the horizon of the Corporate world that enables it to cope with the need to redefine the organisation in critical and adverse situations.

Organisations of the future, need to systematically extract, teach, learn and apply human-centered techniques to design their new business models, strategies & processes & solve the new-wave of corporate problems in a creative, innovative, engaging and inclusive way.

I am sharing with you my

'5 X 5 Coffee Bites' video to share with you a few pointers on the process steps to be adopted for Design Thinking.

Hope it helps you understand and gauge it's criticality and importance particularly in the new post Covid Corporate world that will emerge with new challenges, waiting to be redesigned by you.

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