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Destiny - 100,000 + views

Last week, I posted on Kacha Badam'. Had an overwhelming 100,000 views.

Quintessence of the Message was simple ... when destiny strikes, it makes the humble peanuts into precious 'Kacha Badams' !

One cannot go out shopping for luck. You got to be, at all times, actively engaged on your chosen road - braving the terrain, abuting the weather


Sometimes, the chosen road of life takes an unexpected lucky turn and you will end up in the place you are supposed to be. But to gain benefit of that lucky turn, being on the road is certainly necessary.

So the devil of a friend (and I have my fair share of them) asked me ... so what will happen if on your chosen road - you brave the terrain and abut the weather and yet never come across the lucky turn ?

Yes, that can happen. But if you are on the road, fully engaged and braving the storms, promise you, you will succeed any which ways. You will also be self-actualised & happy. Brand yourself as 'Self Made' and feel proud. That was luck !

You will then not really yearn for that lottery. Your dedication & your work actually is the magic that converts peanuts into 'Kaccha Badams'.

Thank you for your love and response to my post.

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