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Devil Writes Mont Blanc.

The quiet contributor is often the unsung resource that shows heroics in moments of crisis. 

Corporate leadership assessment is not as deep as it pretends.... often mistaking pompus, boastful, imperious & bloated behaviours for leadership. The quiet leader is pushed aside as being mediocre.

The pompous - closely observes likes & dislikes if powers that be and provided a pretended sense of confidence. The quiet - learns that what is necessary and required actions. One in immediate and fast to show. The other studiously agile as he actions. 'The Yes Sir, Yes Sir' promptness is mis- assesed for knowledge, speed & competence and thus valued.

It is only when crisis hits that the real worth of the quiet contributor is realised. Unfortunately, at times, not even then. 

They are made the fall- guys to protect the fire- sputing dragons in Armani with Mont Blancs.

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