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Digital Detox To Amazing Rajasthan

Break is a break to put on a brake to the mad pace of our damaging over-runs to repair & rejuvinate the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual breaks it causes.

Took a 12 day break to beautiful Rajasthan.... Jaipur, Udaipur, Mt. Abu, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

What an amazing display of art, craft, architecture, history of Rajput glory, music, culture, cusine, we experienced....

A brilliant spray of amazing human skills blended with natural beauty and humbling hospitality. That is Rajasthan.

And everywhere you go in this beautiful state, you will get to listen to brilliant street-corner Rajasthani musicians in traditional clothings play on their 'Ravanhatta' - an ancient bowed, stringed instrument ( an ancestor of the Violin) the beautiful Rajasthani folk-song :

"Kesariya balam, aavo ni padharo gori re desh..."

This song is related to very famous love story of Dhola - Maru in which Maru (princess of Pungal ,Bikaner) and Dhola (Prince of Narwar) were in deep love but the path of love wasn't easy for them as well. They had to undergo many hurdles and finally that got to their destiny. During separation time Princess Maru called her beloved as Kesariya Balam and later this was used in various verses. Kesariya means bravery and courageousness .

Combined with a decision to digitally detox by staying away from Social Media, added to different pleasurable experience.

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