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Don't Change For Change ...

When Should You Change ?

That is a tough call . The million $ question : Should you 'Change' merely because there is an opportunity to do things differently than the way it was getting done earlier ?

Remember the garden slide that you played on as a child ... the one on which you climbed a steep ladder and upon reaching the top landing point, slid yourself down the slope safely in the soft sand-pit ? The 'Value' analogy is similar.

You keep climbing (read adding value) till you reach the point where you cannot go any higher. At that point where the opportunity to climb further stops, you have but to slide down. The Value of change at this point in our analogy, plummets if no further Value can be added. Be WISE. Don't change if it does not add Value. Remember 'WISE' is the determinant.

What is Value ? Any change that enhances the Worth, Importance, Service standards or Excellence levels of anything when done differently than the way in which it was otherwise being done - adds Value.

Don't hesitate to change and adopt if doing things differently adds even a wee bit to 'WISE' value . But fight to change if it doesn't add 'WISE' value compared to its costs and efforts.

Change is about knowing when to adopt, when to adept and when to resist. Be WISE.

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