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E Route Winners !

Be Engaged and let your discretionary Energy be in flow with the Energy of the Enterprise. That's the 'E' route to Effectiveness & Excitement at your work place. That's how you grow.

You have the choice to let your Energy follow the 3-point 'C' route : 'Entry-Workstation-Exit'. But ofcourse, at your cost and career peril. And please do not blame the HR policies of your CO for that...remember , the E routers are excited, energetic, succeeding, growing and thriving in the same Enterprise, Culture and HR Policies.

Your commitment and your energy flow determines your growth & happiness. Do not seek equity in Careers till there is Equal Commitment & Energy flow.

Benjamin Franklin rightly observed ... some people die at 25 and are not buried until 75 !!!

Corporate life has a similarity, if you closely observe. Some employees retire at 25. They only Superannuate at 60 !

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1 Comment

Mar 25, 2023

Here in a wider context E route is the flow of energy for self and all... It is inside out.. Obedience of natural laws.. Is the basis and protocol s .. On which prayers rest... Is the only mainstream .. Good luck.. Thanks ji our respected

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