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Employers tested for - 'WA1BF'

Employers tested for - 'WA1BF'.

This is the testing moment. Adversity tests authenticity.

Rubber will soon hit the road. The quintessential question : How do we adjust leave to cover the lock-down period ?

This is an OD perspective for friends to consider.

The situation is peculiar. Even if an employee presented himself at work, employer could not have employed him as per Government's instructions to shutter down. Thus to penalise the employee by unilaterally power-deducting leave neither is responsible nor fair & certainly not legal.

From enterprise Culture & loyalty perspective, this is an opportunity to show in action 'WR1BF' feeling - we are one big family!

Happy families are tested in their support & togetherness during celebrations & adversities. Action this or forever lose the subliminal benefits of WR1BF.

In moments of adversity, families pull their strength together to protect joint survival. Suggest that you discuss the challenges & facilitate engagement around the leave issue in a 'town-hall' like forum. Engage employees in deciding the survival & way forward plans.

Remember, people sailing on a boat when storm strikes have as much an interst in saving the boat as the owner

If the owner genuinely believes otherwise, his boat would be sunk any which ways

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1 commentaire

12 avr. 2020

True Adil. Engaging employees at this time is of prime importance either through town hall or through meetings. And that's what I am doing with the workforce. A sense of oneness comes the moment you ask with employees - how are you and your family? A test to find out whether they sailing in the same boat or not? My perspective altogether

Happy Easter to you. Keep writing Sir

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