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Fatigue - The Unseen Failure Factor

I see our T20 team experiencing 'Fatigue'. That is my personal opinion. 

One can without a big debate see fatigue as the factor  contributing to otherwise fit looking & capable people reflecting harmful behaviours like reduced concentration, irritability, reckless, unplanned risk-taking, poor work quality, poor communications, errors, indulgence in petty quarrels, big blow-ups to fatal road rage.

It is a folly that we indulge in confusing Fitness for  Wellness. More goes into Wellness than merely developing biceps,  triceps and abdomen. At best that may give one muscular fitness - The Gold Gym look ! Naturally, we unfortunately get too surprised to explain the sudden passing away of gym-fit celebrities as we are not mindful of the silent fatigue factors that impact these individuals in thru their life-styles.

Tiredness happens to everyone. It is a natural response after completing a set of 'X' activities depending on capacity and stamina of each performer. Rest and a good night's sleep may help one to get out of the state of tiredness. Not so for fatigue.

Fatigue is silent & a different killer. It is a feeling of general lack or fall in energy levels that needs counseling, boosting and realignment of physical energy, intellectual mindset and emotional equanimity to balance itself for peak delivery of performance.

Material Sciences  acknowledge even metals experiencing fractures caused by metal fatigue. So intense is the impact of fatigue.

Several causes contribute to fatigue . It however is person specific...each factor has a  relation with the individual in terms of its impact point, its stress point and its reactive ability.  It is thus for each individual to be aware and mindful of the factors that help the individual uniquely cope with fatigue. 



Regulated Life-style



It is wisdom to use this unique knowledge to kill your silent killer 


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