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Feeling machines

We Are Feeling Machines That Think... Have no doubts about it. That is the original design. Unfortunately, whenever we get emotional about any choice, we soon find ourselves being counselled by wise men to objectively think before we leap to take the call. All in learned honest intention. Damasio declares in his book 'Descartes' Error' that ..... we are not thinking machines. We are feeling machines that think. Upon being stimulated, when we interrupt the emotional processes that get triggered within us and substitute it with a forced analytical one, we take decisions that we ultimately live to regret. When we understand ideas, we don’t grab and take ideas and separate them from their original sources.We empatise with these external ideas. We do not internalize everything blindly that is external when we see it. We only internalize those bits & pieces from it that we can attach to our existing cognitive models. The rest we leave in its external form and later, discard it.  We have often blundered by reversing the logic and believing otherwise that we are thinking machines who occassionally feel and thus pushing original emotional choices into obscurity.  We go against the original design and often live to regret.

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