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Force Multiplier

Force is multiplied by Passion. Passion supplies mindless connection to Purpose. Once you get your 'Force Multiplier' right, fulfillment of your Purpose is indubitable.

Most leaders one interviews these days, showcase the transformational journeys they have undertaken (albeit not realising that wanting to abandon these journeys halfway through for the lure of a better job is reflection of poor leadership character !).

But that apart, more often than not, most of these transformational journeys beyond their - 'band baja barat' launch, seem to have failed, force multiplier to their transformational journeys being the missing element.

In position of Power, role for Leadership is to help the team explore and determine its true Purpose. Once that is done, search commences to identify the critical elements that would arouse and trigger Passion of the team towards the Purpose. Meaningful reward system to reinforce pursuit of those 'PTEs' (Passion Triggering Elements) would then congregate to create the desired force multiplier. That is the recipe.

In physics, a force multiplier, such as a lever or wedge, increases the amount of force you can place on an object. In military terms, a force multiplier makes a military force more effective. For example, a fleet of drone craft can simplify reconnaissance to where a handful of analysts can do the work of hundreds.

Whilst the not so boastful leaders are humble enough to acknowledge the failures of their transformational journeys, most when asked to analyze miss the point that absence of their ability to identify the PTEs and inability to convert them into becoming the 'Force Multipliers' was the critical glitch in their humbling and tumbling transformational journeys.

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