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Free From Silent Clutches of Fear

Fear is a genuine or perceived threat to a desired goal or outcome.  Fear blocks one from progressing towards the  goal, Confidence is the only antidote that destroys Fear. 

Fear is but too sharp. It begins early in time to attack Confidence even before its full presence is perceived by the mind of the victim. Thus Confidence is totally destroyed & devastated by Fear even before it actually strikes.

Fears find their emergence to either Rational, Primal or Irrational sources. Rational are real fears, Primal are innate fears programmed in our brains and Irrational are those that don't make logical sense but can seem largely frightful to the individual who experiences it.

Success is an attractive proposition for all . But fear snatches it away from some when they let their Confidence lose the battle to fear. 

One sees Fears dominating in the corporate space day-in and day-out. Uncertainty is the source of doubt and the birthplace of fears.

Unfortunately, people suffer from fears but fail to acknowledge their fears. Confidence from fear is the single element that differentiates success from failure.

Self evaluate yourself. Understand your fears. Build your confidence. And emerge a winner. Each one of us must confront with our fears, must come face to face with them and let Confidence win the battle.

After all rightly some say, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real !

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