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FRIENDS at Workplace

Positive Workplace Relationships are good. But there is an off side to it. Wait till a conflict emerges !!! Read on. Basing Working Relationships on close personal friendships is fraught with sensitivities & consequences. Such relationships can lead people to believe that the leader will base his official decisions favoring them (keeping that bond of warm personal relationship at the back of their mind). When thereafter, the leader takes an objective decision for business considerations, a sense of betrayal is bound to creep in thereby not only destroying relationship but vitiating the climate. Natural discussions which would  otherwise have been triggered in such conflicting work situations,  now becomes awkward and at times also threatening. The otherwise warm & cozy relationships at work become so  tenuous that even mild conflicts get seen as being dangerous to talk about. Close workplace relationships have the potential to inevitably result in unreasonable and unmet expectations.The consequence is conscious silence. The unresolved problems and unmet expectations says Bob Wall seize the opportunity to damage organisational effectiveness and destroys morale of the team. No doubt the wise say that work becomes interesting because of people. But work would also be simple, on the otherhand if it weren't for people.

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