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From FOLA to RORA Mindset

This is the worst infraction that

an abusive and toxic Boss subjugates the organisation to. RORA destroys the culture and fabric of the organisation whereas FOLA strengthens its immunity to face challenges, adopt changes, progress and thus outperform even in adversity.

For the uninitiated - FOLA stands for flexible, open, learning and accepting collective Corporate mindset (FOLA). RORA is a rigid, obstinate, rejecting and avoiding (RORA) mindset which collectively is a bane of the organisation.

People become ineffective in such a situation due to fear and rebuke unleashed by the Boss as a consequence the business performance gets into a super-fast spiral of decay & fall.

Just call-out the abusive toxic leader at the earliest. Showing mirrors may help initially but exit route is the only way out in acute cases ... the same highway they showed others.

Collective Mindset of the organisation will slowly thereafter start recovering, will open up and its suppressed culture will change as will business results soon find its way back to the charts of progress.

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