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Gnothi Seauton

In ancient Greece, people visited the temple of Apollo site to meet a sacred Oracle.

Obviously, it was believed by the people that the wise Oracle had answers to all the questions that were asked and most visitors from far and wide, had a lot of curiosity filled questions to find out what destiny actually had in store for them.

As they entered the Apollo temple, most people would notice the words 'Gnothi Seauton' inscribed over the entrance without realising the real deep meaning. Until they left and reflected deeply the meaning of the words they had read...Gnothi Seauton

No matter how great a revelation the Oracle may have provided to the questions of the visiting laity, they would never have got a deeper perspective, clearer insight and an authentic answer than what the words - 'Gnothi Seauton' could reveal to them as an answer to the questions of their fate & destiny they nurtured.

Gnothi Seauton literally means - 'Know Thyself.' And if you indeed invested time and thoughts to know your self well enough, then no question in the world that bothers you would remain unanswered. You would never again feel the need to visit any Oracle just if you invested time and knew yourself.

No one else can ever tell you who you are. You have to be deeply in touch with your reality to be able to answer the question - who you are ?

Before you go visiting an Oracle to ask any other questions, first ask the most fundamental question - 'Who am I ' ? Answer to this question will reveal to you the beginning of your narrative, the beginning of your wisdom.

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1 Comment

Jagannath Prasad
Jagannath Prasad
Oct 28, 2023

Great Adil Sir. I am with ABG at Pune with textile business.

Being with BQbian group for last 4 years, I am privileged with your writings, cartoon and thought.

Adding more Mr Ajay Prasad is like my younger bro.

Wish to talk. Share your coordinates.




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