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Good Luck Or Bad Luck

Do not be in a big hurry to announce when events occur in your life, if it is an outcome of Good Luck or Bad Luck.

Often what may seem initially like bad-luck may trigger another event which may be like a blessing in disguise - hence subsequently bringing good Luck. And vice-versa.

'Saeongjima' the ancient Chinese-Korean story brings out this point very effectively (read the doodle)

Rightly in lighter vein someone said that ... my luck is so bad that if ever I bought a piece of land to build a Cemetry, people could just stop dying !

We live in an interconnected world of influencing events. Good luck triggers bad luck triggers good luck ...

No Good Luck ... No bad luck. It is just a momentary assessment of the situation at that point of time. It's long term impact may just be too different than what it may initially appear to be. Work ceaselessly to change it. Rules of Positivity always thrives. Everything is only goid luck.

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1 Comment

Oct 01, 2021

What a great story . It is often in the hind side that we realise some of these happenings in life. great food for thought!

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