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Hope On The Slope

My post yesterday cried out aloud ... "leader is a dealer of hope". Most of you endorsed it with your 'like'. I must say - thank you.

The imagery of giving hope seems to be frozen as a mind-model of the leader providing such support to an Associate whilst on the climb. But 'Hope on the Climb' is only a quarter of the full picture. The critical ¾ dimension of the imagery that appears to have been missed out is - 'Hope On The Slope'.

A leadership anchored hope is valued much more when one is sliding down the slope. The 'hope' task is comparatively not as challenging when associates are on the climb. When things are falling apart, when adversity strikes, when dark clouds on the horizon announce a sudden and unexpected sun-set ... that is when leadership's 'hope' role is valued the most when the person is sliding down the slope and has lost all hope.

How would you be rated by your associates in this 'hope on the slope' role ? Would should you as a leader be doing to rekindle hope, when someone on your team may be sliding down the slope ???

Let me share my 'TOVs' - teachable points of view with you :

a. Go out of your way to regularly 'Connect' with that associate. Though he needs to reach out to you seeking your help for his survival as a good conscious leader, do not wait for the invitation. Help him out by conversing with him very frequently and influencing him to get engaged in self-reflections.

b. Observe the associate closely and help to identify his/ her Coping Skills. Conversations over recalling behaviours reflected during adverse situations in the past helps. Help him to recall his Coping Skills and help him to modify them in the current context.

c. Help such an associate paint Positive Scenarios and give booster-shots of Confidence. As a professional and a Life-Coach, encourage the person to trust himself/ herself. Facilitate realisation & inner belief that the future holds bright & positive things. Build trust in the feeling that no matter the current circumstances, the days to come will reveal happiness (acchey dinn aaney wale hai !!!)

d. Proactively help the person see, feel & seek out the small hole in the dark sky.

e. Help dilute the toxic environment by surgery if necessary. Help him to infuse the network of his influencers with successful & positive fighters, who keep inspiring him. Everyone benefits from 'Inspirational Cheer Leaders'.

f Hold his hand with compassion and authentically converse with him through-out down times to draw on the person's strengths and help evolve way-out strategies.

Hope is the antithesis of Dope. A leader is a hope peddler.

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1 Comment

Jan 31, 2022

indeed the more important aspect of leadership and critical to bouncing back which really is the highest test

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