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'Hushbami' - Effectively, Using Power of The Dawn

Most successful people I have met in my career have learnt the art of using their time at dawn, each morning, rather very effectively.

The serenity and beauty of the dawn is so well narrated in Zoroastrian narration 'Hushbami, Ushahina gah 5'.

A short explanation of this ...

Let me rise with the dawn, cleanse my body with purifying waters and purify my spirit with prayers as I get ready for my daily tasks before the rising Sun calls me to duty.

Let me not waste the beauty, the charm , the invigorating and inspiring moments of time at dawn by indulging in drowsiness. Let me gain from the beauty of the dawn and add life to the years I live.

At dawn when the mind is fresh and receptive and troubled not by distractions that the day's diverse duty bring, let me spend an hour in quiet, alone in commune with thee and lay out the plan of my work of the day that is dawning with thy guidance and inspiration. (Adapted from seminal work - 'Nemo Ahurai Mazdai' by Dastur M.N.Dhalla)

Most of the personal effectiveness, Mindfullness, Calmfullness, Spirituality & Happiness courses at some of the Best Management Colleges (to attend which, one pays huge dollar bills), draw heavily on the need for professionals to use 'the power of dawn' effectively to plan, self inspire and invigorate themselves. Sadly, people prefer to pay heavily for that which otherwise is freely given to us to learn from ... and unfortunately at times, not learn even after that !!!

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