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'I Karr' Leadership...

Aggressive Ego- Centric leadership is often harsh in tone & style and that can border on being hostile, creating unnecessary conflicts and turmoil in the organisation. He claims to be the only full- stack champion on the team.

Aggressive leaders are too often, poor listeners, arrogant in approach and who take a “my way or the highway” approach to communicating to those around them and are not open to others' opinions.

The team tolerates such behaviours for a while if they see super other business results & benefits flowing through in tough times. It is willing to barter for a while. But if that continues beyond reasonable time, the team cracks up.

Mature organisations initially make attempts to Coach and modify the leaders ego- centric behaviours. However, if that fails, they take the call and change such leadership in due time. Unless they do so, the corporate fabric spoils, the culture deteriorates and slowly, valuable talent of the enterprise, attrites.

'I karr' leader assumes full recognition to himself for the success of the team and generally associates total accountability to the team for it's collective failures.

'I karr' literally in Hindish means - I did it alone and my way !!!

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1 Comment

Oct 08, 2020

Loved the apt use of the Figure of Speech. Well metaphored Dr. Adil Malia....

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