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In Search of Excellence

A question is often asked...the job I do is not the one I like to do. Unknowingly, circumstancially  and accidentally I have drifted into it. How can I, in this situation, strive for or contribute to excellence ?

Consistently, a common message has been conveyed through stories in the Mahabharata that when in search of excellence, men reach perfection only by the honest pursuit of whatever calling falls to his/her lot in life.That indeed is equated to true worship of GOD, the all prevading.

The occupation that one pursues may be the one he/she is born to in society or it may have been forced upon him/ her by circumstances or may have taken it up by choice.  But what really matters for excellence is the spirit of Sincerity and Faithfulness with which one goes around ones life's work.

Veda Vyyasa in Mahabharata explains this truth to his disciples by making a scholarly Brahmana, who did not do his job well to learn it from a butcher, who lived in his humble and despised life and thus in his own way created excellence.

Shift if such an option exists. But if not, search & start enjoying the job are doing and feel happy rather than feel sad about the job you can't get and feel unhappy.. 

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