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Insecurity Games The Mind Plays

At the cross-roads of choice, the human mind is vulnerable to succumb to paths of least resistance. It is but natural. However, lessons learnt from behaviours of successful people is simple : those who resisted these easy-path prompters, emerged successful. Contra : easy path logic positions itself as the no brainer predominant thought at the time when decision has to be taken. You choose that and the consequential downward slide on the path of success is but guaranteed.

These 5 suicidal paths are :

1. Entitlement: The mind says : Why do you need to labour on the harder option when already you have an easier way out through your privileges and derived rights ? Take it easy. Enjoy. Relax man, you are born lucky. Monetize your luck ! But remember, Entitlement is a crutch. You will never be able to move on your own without these crutches.

2. Protection: Mind prompts : your family is in this town, you have your friend here, you are familiar with people, food, neighbours etc. When your times are down, they will stand by. Why for then for a little bit more of success would you compromise on all these protections ? Why buy insecurity and risk things ? Pull-out. Stay-back - ' ...jaan hai to Jahan hai'

3. Acute Competition : You want to be a good lawyer? You could be one but don't you know the profession is choco-blocked ? .... just one too many of them. No No No. There is always more space for atleast one more good guy, wherever. And you could be that one guy.Just go for it. Control the Devil mind.

4. Parental Dictation : Though I want to be a tailor, my parents do not feel it is a respected avocation in society. They do not want me to open my shop in this town. I want to see them happy thus with great dismay, I will now open a grocery shop instead, to make them happy !!! Isn't that the duty of a good son ?

5. Responsibilities : Mind throws up a series of situations which earlier were not even in your thought-set and positions such situations as responsible reasons for you to not take the new challenging alternative that may come up to you now asa choice.

Be mindful of the tricks your mind can play. One is not saying that you should throw away your advantages, be irresponsible, take avoidable risks etc. But as you evaluate the alternatives that these reasons your mind projects before you to evaluate before decision are not pretences that your mind is throwing up to hold you back. Mind subconsciously loves status quo and thrives on secutity.

Let your mind not play these insecurity games with you.

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