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Inspirational Leaders - Share

An Inspirational Leader has first to be a well adjusted adult. Sharing is a critical value he should possess.Sharing is when one becomes selfless ... willing to share their half-filled glass with others. Sharing is infectious - makes the person empathetic. Thence the person starts caring for others. It builds social-skills critically required by a well-adjusted adult and being a well adjusted adult is the starting point of becoming an inspirational leader. Most people share with others the things they do not value or have abundance of. That is benevolence, not sharing. A leader should be benevolent but more critically has to share with others, the things he himself desires more of. Rightly says Simin Sinek - the leader eats last! Leadership isn’t just about managing numbers. It’s about helping and sharing with people not only resources but also learnings, knowledge, wisdom, skills & experiences to enable the others thrive & find meaning in their work. When leaders take care of their people, the numbers take care of themselves. Unfortunately, many leaders & organizations seem to have lost sight of this fundamental engagement link. To thrive, inspirational leaders need to be very high on their social skills..sharing is just a starting point.

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Parvez Panthaky
Parvez Panthaky
12 sept 2020


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