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Judgmental Heuristics - A Critical Survival Skill of the Future

Times are uncertain and the strategy you adopt will need to be based on certain assumptions you make from the options available to you. To that end, you need to understand aspects of your psychology that lie behind and prompts your choice as you drive your Judgmental Heuristics.

Judgemental heuristics are principles or methods by which one makes assessments or judgements of 'probability' simpler. It is a critical skill to be developed for success in the future. 

Uncertain Times like the one we are currently experiencing, requires experimenting with newer and innovative interventions. We certainly due to lack of familiarity, don't know - what will work and what will not. Decision making in such an uncertain situation is very tough and will therefore have to be deep seated in aspects of 'JH'.

Psychologists  say that the human mind evolves certain mental shortcuts that it gets influenced by and thus adopts them whilst taking decisions. These are called 'judgmental heuristics'. 

There are 2 types of response tendencies that decision making in an uncertain environment gets influenced by:

1. Mechanical- Automatic or 

    Click Responding

2. Controlled Responding. 

Let me explain.  Click Responding is mechanically responding to a situation on the basis of one piece of dominant information. 

Controlled Responding is responding to a situation on the basis of thorough analysis of all the information past and present available for analysis. This is done more when a decision impacts self, involves a high investment or outcome has a personal implication.

Decisions taken purely on the basis of information given by Boss is 'Click Judgment' or on the basis of a book read, an Expert view, a best practise adopted etc.  

Decisions to buy a high-cost car or  leading an assignment on down-sizing the enterprise where one's own job  ould get eliminated....such are controlled decision.

This sounds easy but try it out to realise how tough it could become... moreso, when the situation due to uncertainties gets hyper complicated, the time available becomes short, distractions put forth are intrusive, emotional arousal triggered is very strong or the situation has lead to deep mental fatigue. 

Mastering the skills for Judgmental Heuristics is indeed your saviour for the uncertain  future times. Infact, your future success will be determined by that...Deep Mastery over Judgmental Heuristics.


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