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Unfortunately, the disaster called ego is such that its famous exponents are often disillusioned to believe otherwise that they are actually very high on the 'humility' scale.

Not realising the negative impact of their behaviour on others, these 'High Scale Ego Exponents' mindlessly continue their hi-flow self-indulgence until it reaches the point of break-down and crashes with a disaster. All hell then breaks loose. 

'Duris dura franguntur'..hard things are broken by hard things. Albeit at times one wishes it was not that way. The bigger the ego, the harder the fall..and that is when they experience a state of  'katabasis' - a point of retreat and sudden going down triggered by reciprocal response from others & a deep self realisation of their disastrous attitude as a consequence...

But that is necessary for only after seriously experiencing 'katabasis' does such a high scale ego exponent emerge enriched with heightened knowledge, humility, understanding & empathy.

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