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Killer called Impatience

A Killer Called Impatience -A Winner called Patience

Many situations arise in one's life ( moreso in work-life) which have the potential to drive a person justifiably mad....and most people do go mad and make the greatest blunders of their lives in such moments of impatience.

The wise therefore define patience as one's discreet reaction of calm & understanding when the situation has potential to burst and explode but the reaction is that of calm poise, calculated composure and fortitude.

Most mistake patience for waiting. Actually , it not throwing your position, attitude and connections whilst you are waiting.

Not that one cannot get angry but that one chooses not to get angry. That is patience. That is a virtue of inspirational leadership.

The common man prays - "I want the cookie right now". That is impatience.

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1 Comment

Jul 14, 2021

Manusmriti written by the ancient sage Manu prescribed ten essential rules i.e.Patience (dhriti), forgiveness (kshama), piety or self control (dama), honesty (asteya), sanctity (shauch), control of senses (indraiya-nigrah), reason (dhi), knowledge or learning (vidya), truthfulness (satya) and absence of anger (krodha). Waiting on the other hand is derived from the root word mikveh, and it means a collection or hopeful gathering ( "waited-akin to wait" );this act of staying or remaining in expectation is indeed very different from patience....well explained Adil sir....Food for thought indeed...

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