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Law Of Self-sabotage.

How we evaluate people around us & their behaviours and interpret the events around us is what is collectively defined as our 'Attitude'. Thus when people say I like your attitude or I do not like your attitude, you know what they refer to :

1. Your overall evaluation & treatment of people in the critical set around you AND

2 Your interpretation - hopeful or fearful of the events happening around you. You may popularly call it optimistic or pessimistic.

Collectively, your behaviours as you transact with people and your interpretation of events happening around, reflects your attitude.

We may carry traumas and hurts from our past experiences. One may have thus unconsciously, over a period of time, developed a negative attitude that dominates the mind - UNDERSTANDABLE. However, what is not Acceptable is insistence on continuing with that negative attitude despite failing experiences and rejection of your 'devil' mirror image being shown to you. This is self-sabotage.

Human attitudes are malleable. Upon realisation , attitudes could be influenced to change. And that is expected of people. Mindless resistance to positively change the negative attitudes OR building a strong wall of resistence that blocks all influences to see the events happening around in hopeful light, triggers the down fall of ones success. This is what is called the Law Of Self-sabotage.

The greatest discovery (says William James - the American Philosopher and Psychologist) of my generation is the fact that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

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Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K
Nov 09, 2023

Lawc of self sabotage is extremely good narration. It is a good lesson 😄😄

Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

Very well articulated I endorse the concept of building a newer version of successful if we alter the attitude of own

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