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Leader Influenced Culture

Underprepared leaders grossly under-rate their own influence on team culture! They

believe that only formal structured interventions influence team culture. Such leaders are unmindful that behaviours they consciously & unconsciously reflect whilst performing routine leadership roles, influences team culture much more.

Six distinct 'Primary Mechanisms' facilitate a leader to embed its beliefs & values in the overall culture of their teams :

👉 Measurements & Controls: The things that leader's pay attention to, measure & control regularly. The team over time reads theis pattern & recognises them as important. Silently they creep into the culture

👉 Leader's reactions to critical incidents & handling of adversity & crisis.

👉 Leader's fairness & basis of allocating scarce resources

👉Leader's style of managing ongoing rewards & punishment

👉 Leaders formal & informal role modelling of general work behaviours & ethics

👉 leaders methods for selection, promoting, connecting , evaluating & engaging become part of the folklore & leave their foot- prints on the culture.

Organisations need to deliberately design a ±ve culture where employees thrive. Leadership has to play-out it's strong role to build that culture. Don't evade or underplay this step.

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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2020

Very lucidly and and so simply explained a very complex input. Great

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