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Leadership Bobble 2 : Intolerance

Intolerance of another Culture, style, behaviour, process , pattern or a system beyond that what is narrowly defined by the leader, is a clear sign of weak and poor leadership. It includes some kink of a leader who is intellectually and emotionally arid. This is what gets defined limitedly as Kulture.

I had my own share of experiences with rigid & closed leadership. I was once in a critical leadership role in the Middle East reporting to a large Corporate founder CEO. Imagine this : you would be in major trouble if you ever wrote anything to him in black ink. Had to be blue - turquoise or navy, red was fine. So was green. But write in black .... and no logic, no arguments, no explanations.

Not that this was the only problem. The leader was in style generally rigid. But when it came to this 'black' fixation, I saw one too many talented people quit the CO.upon being fired. Not that per se the colour was important but that it became the needle that ultimately broke the camel's back ( .... when they received his mouthful for using black ink for signing papers sent to him !!!)

That is what a rigid Leader does. Gets himself and his style, process , pattern or norm defined narrowly & rigidly as the only acceptable way of life. As a corollary, everything else beyond that gets identified as intolerable.

The followers of the leader have no option and this style irrationaly adopted becomes a Leadership Bobble leading to outright rejection of such leadership beyond a level.

Tolerance is sign of healthy leadership. Arid leadership is intolerant.

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