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Leadership Bobble 5 : Leader As A Credit Grabber

Some Manager's believe it to be their birth-right to snatch credit for the work their team does without reciprocally rewarding or recognizing their efforts . Aren't they employed and paid for that ?

There could be many reasons for toxic Manager's behaviour for such intentional theft of credit ... selfishness, satiation of own need for recognition, making power statement (I am the Boss), insecurity, jealousy, bullying, retribution, whatever.

The toxic cookie may occassionally even justify such credit grabbing by saying he does so because others would accept the same work better and positively, if he was seen as the author rather than his unknown team juniors . Perfect case of Employee Gaslighting !!! Don't fall for it.

Should you remain quiet ? Should you wait for a rain-check ? Should you complain to super-boss ? Should you make public noise? The aggressive colleagues may advise you to tell it to others. The passive colleagues would say - " Janney bhi do yaar. Aaisey hi chalta hai"

But I would say - don't remain quiet . But mind you, I am also not telling you to make public noise. You have to be graceful and wisely assertive. Don't bite your nose to spite your face. Don't puncture the balloon you are flying on. That would be a career limiting, professional - ' harakeri'.

These are my 6 tips on how to manage such a situation of your Boss has grabbed Credits from you :

1. Don't immediately react

2. Observe. Is it happening frequently or is it an isolated case ?

3. Check around. Is it happening only with you or is it a general habit with others too ? Hope he is not targeting.

4. Identify correct occassion for a critical conversation with your leader. Be brave, ask for time.

5. Architect your conversational sequence for that meeting, first in your mind. Rehearse it or you will go in and get tongue-tied.

6. During the meeting :

a. Congratulate him for the recognition, first.

b. Tell him how at some points in the journey you had undertaken to complete that task, you had some self- doubts on its completion.

c. Tell him how the others were envious of his (Manager's) recognition

d. Ask him how he would rate your performance and contributions to the completion of that project or task. Ask for suggestions to have made it better.

e. Thank him for the opportunity with future promise of still better performance

Making your Manager tacitly realise that you had contributed and needed recognition through smart conversations is much better than either keeping quite and suffering or speaking up loudly in presence of others to pump you up, momentarily, making you win the battle but certainly, lose the War. Next time, believe you me, it will be better.

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