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Leadership in times of adversity

Updated: May 2, 2020

Prepare or Protect ? It is all about your perspective ...

Adversity situations are not necessarily synonymous for strife and discontent as wrongly we are made to believe !!!! For all you know, it may just be the opportunity you were waiting for, all along, to exhibit your leadership...

Whether you see the blue sky or the grey soil thru your binoculars is all a function of what you have directed your focus on ... whether you want to 'Prepare' as it changes or you want to 'Protect' from changes, all a matter of your choice !

The paradigm is shifting. That is a fact. But it simply means that we have to alter our strategy to prepare for whatever the world may bring next. Flexible, agile and swift movement to the new state is the panacea.

I contextually recall lyrics of that beautiful title song from MAHABHARAT and the quintessence of the message was ...

"Sikhey humm bittey yugo se

Naye yug ka,

kare swagat

Kare swagat

Kare swagat

Kare swagat ..."..

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