• Adil Malia

Leadership Wisdom is about Magnanimity & not being Petty

Leadership Wisdom is about knowing what to focus on and what to consciously ignore.

High- handedness backed by Power follows leadership. Over time leadership emotionally gets power crazy. They become tone- deaf and are unable to ignore even small irritants which they see as being disrespectful & insulting to their stature.

The wise King of our story loved meeting his people. He thus undertook long journeys, checking on peoples' well-fare. A caravan with all his personal effects, food etc would go along. A servant was entrusted this task.

One day before starting the journey the King was giving last minute briefing to his Minister. Surprisingly, the King went on & on. Unusually a long sermon itcwas. The Minister was surprised but per protocol, did not disturb . Then he left.

After the King departed the General came running to the Minister & explained that the Servant had committed a big faux pa. He had forgotten to pack the King's favourite blanket. Lucky, the servant ran very fast & last minute the blanket was stacked on the Caravan.

The Rules prescribed severe punishments for such a lapse. The penny of wisdom dropped on the Minister. Not for nothing had the wise King dragged his last minute briefing for so long.

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