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Lessons in Management from Zoroastrianism

In times of Crisis & Adversities like the world finds itself currently experiencing, there are a lot of lessons to be drawn from fables, parables, stories, mythologies and experiences that people of different religions have experienced at different points of time, in their history. Each is made-up of powerful learning narratives. This TedX talk heavily draws from two slices of the Zoroastrian ethos to cull out transferable lessons of learning in areas of management for all of us. Different people of the world have experienced far worse calamities than what we are experiencing now. They have through their commitment to purpose, resilience & belief in their Value systems, emerged winners under powerful leaders.

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1 Kommentar

21. Apr. 2020

very well spokenabout

Your drawing parallels between the past and present and the learnings from that is superb

Gefällt mir
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