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Lonely Up There !

It is lonely up there in the corner room. No one to understand your plight. Preassure mounts and the world looks upto you for solutions ... which you yourself do not have To continue is tough - to quit much tougher. Social taboo and professional set-backs scare.

Yes, your family matters and you thus may want to be with them. But each time something serious came up. You sacrificed them. They are yours and they will understand, you so thought. But consequently, you allowed it also to cumulatively, make you a loner.

Challenges a galore - the world believes you are the Master of strategy and a Savior for actions. They look upto you for directions, guidance . You cant tell them that they are wrong, you dont know the way. They look up for solace and support. You wish but you can't make them happy. In such ugly moments, You have no one to look upto but the heavenly stars through the dark grilled windows of your cabin.

Yes, you have the face of a bold killer but you have cold feet of clay, too. It is lonely up there. And it does not matter if you are a man.

A beautiful sher for the situation :

Wahan tumhey

Kya sukoon mileyga

Jahan dil patthar ke

Aur ghar shishey ke hai ...

Vo jo sukhey talab hai

Na Janey kyon tum

Samandar samaj baithey

Wahan tumhey

Kya sukoon mileyga

Viran sukhi basti hai

Tumm na Janney

kyon unhey

harey jungle yu

samaj baithay

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