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Magic Is In The Balance

Resources and Capabilities are inequally distributed. Give and Take is the secret behind nature's balance in life. Neither is the 'giver' big nor is the 'taker' any less. The equation of life is built around this balancing reality.

Sometimes you find yourself on one-side of the balance - you have then to gracefully take. Some other times, on the other side - you may have to unhesitatingly give without boasting. Give with humility.

Neither should you feel badly humiliated nor should you feel overtly elated in the momentary role that you may have to play at any given time.

This is not limited to money. Extends to compassion, empathy, knowledge and positional roles (even at workplaces). Teach when you know more, share resources when you have in surplus, express empathy when in position of Power, hold hands when someone feels lost.

If you distill leadership behaviours, winning leaders are always net givers - one way or the other. And that you should never forget.

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