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Mistake Short-cuts for Smart-work At Your Peril

Mistake Short-cuts for Smart-work At Your Peril

Simple story. Deep applications.

3 friends badly seeking jobs reach a reputed Restaurant.

The Manager had only 1 job of a dish-washer.He agreed to hire whoever was best after trial. But there was a Rule. Each dirty dish had to be washed clean atleast thrice. So trial began.

Li worked hard. A pile was cleaned. He then checked. Friend Lee had cleaned 20 dishes & Luke 40 dishes more. Surprised, he queried how ?

Lee winked. He was smart. He washed the dishes only twice. Luke being oversmart had washed the dishes but only once

He compared the dishes from each of the piles.They looked as difference. Li felt stupid.He had blown away his chance.

Day-end, the Manager came for review but with 3 hot dumplings. A dumpling each he placed on a dish from the 3 piles.He tilted them one by one

The Dumpling on Li's plate stuck. The one on Lee's dish slid in a bit. The one on Luke's dish immediately slid-off. Much to the chagrin of others, Li was selected.

The Manager explained.."Our Dumplings are reputed for their very tender skin. Even a bit of grease on the dish & the hot dumplings would slide away. Thus by experience the '3 Wash' rule was set. The dumplings would not slide then.

Peel your onion the way you like

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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2020

Indeed the fairest evaluation! It's all about Values and Ethics! Smart work is not equal to speed of completion....

Good message for Leaders!

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