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Mr. & Mrs. Crocodile

Who the monkey, who the crocodile, and what is the hidden agenda - you decide. I am only narrating this tale asking you to be mindful and wake-up. Trust is important but that does not mean you give up being alert to protecting your interest. Moreso, in a dog eat dog world !

The 'Panchatantra' story goes like this...

Once in a forest lived a monkey who resided on a 'jamoon' tree on the banks of a river. In the same forest, there lived a crocodile and his wife. One day, the crocodile came to the banks of the river and rested under the tree. The kindhearted monkey offered him sweet 'jamoons'. He liked them. The crocodile returned the next day for more fruits and likewise, as days passed by, the crocodile and the monkey became good friends.

One day the monkey sent fruits for his new friend crocodile's wife. She ate them and loved them, every bit. But she became jealous. She didn’t like her husband spending time with the monkey.

She thus plotted. She told her husband ... “ well, dear husband, if the fruits are so juicy, I wonder how sweet your friend monkey’s heart would be ? Get me the heart of the monkey, if you really love me.”

The crocodile was not willing to kill his friend but had no choice.

He invited the monkey to his house for dinner saying his wife would like to meet him. The monkey was happy, but couldn’t swim. The crocodile offered to take him on his back.

The crocodile was happy that he had tricked the monkey. However, while talking in the journey, he blurted out the real reason for taking the monkey home. The clever monkey perceived danger. But he thought fast on his feet. He told the crocodile ... “You are stupid. You should have told me that earlier. As I was visiting your home, i did not think I would need my heart. I thus left my heart on the tree. We must go back and get it.”

The crocodile believed him and took him back to the tree. He quickly jumped on the tree and saved becoming dinner. Thus, the clever monkey saved his life.

All I am asking you is to be alert. Read through the purpose of some intelligently written pieces . Mr. Crocodile often writes to fulfill someone else's agenda. Don't accept and believe all that is written. 'Kahee pe nighaye, kahee pe nishana!"

Alert mind keeps you safe from deceiving friends who you may otherwise trust. To trust does not mean giving up being alert.

Be careful before you take the ride on their backs incase you do not wish to be dinner for Mr. & Mrs. Crocodile.

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