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Musings - Circa 2121

Sad musings of a distanced world.

See the picture evidence. These were the last few days of the old world. You know, people then used to actually mingle around sitting physically close to each other that too without masks !

Wonder how simple things like wearing masks, maintain social distances etc remained unknown to mankind for so many thousands of Centuries before that.

Imagine, they would in social greetings actually shake each other's hands without gloves and collective success celebrations were marked by a tight group hug followed by people hitting each others bare-hands in a tradition they used to call the 'hi-five' !!!!

Mothers used to breast feed their children and fathers would hold the child's finger without a glove and teach it to walk.

Such was their world.

The wedge in human evolution then happened. They called this period 'The Lock-Down' times. People behavioural patterns had to be changed. Initially, it had to be forced. Commercial protocols had to be modified. People had to travel a distance from their homes to get their day to day necessities from local neighborhood central points they called 'Stores' or 'Shops'.  A clean break had to be made to transform. 

They called our pattern their 'New Normal'.

The world did not destroy itself after the initial wedge but they woke-up and successfully adjusted to their new reality.

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