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Never A Slave

When we lack self-confidence, we tend to lose our sense of direction & purpose. We then stop listening to our inner voice and keep seeking external approval either by dancing to the tune of others or keep repeating the same old steps of our favourite dance to the same old tune.

Many unfortunately in such a situation, sell their souls and dance to the tune of money.

None of these are behaviours are worth approving.

Circumstances in life brings us at times to an adverse situation where we lose confidence. But we need to rather show resilience and rebound than collapse and play a losing game.

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Feb 12, 2023

Very true.. The brain not be affected by any thing outside... In fact believe in self... Coz that's the direc t successful approach to a passage of success dignity and integrity... There may be many going together parallel.. Or even two.. Or three.together.. But a loner say in defence has all integrity and is never interfered with.. The same way.. Mavericks in medicine create history.... I believe you our respected Adilji and Salute your integrity and self-respect and confidence in such a great behavioral approach.. Which has to be followed.. Thanks ji humbly for giving me this opportunity to express.. Good luck to you ji always..


Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K
Feb 09, 2023

Excellent one. Very opt. It's a good learning.

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