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New Market Equation

S²I & S²D=New G²M

Was adressing the Senior Sales Leadership Team for an FMCG client. A learning I share with you ... 'when your customer is impatiently anxious, don't you be his meditation coach when he reaches out. Pander to his impatience.

The new buyer is an information glutton and is already spoilt by pre-sales information before he actually purchases. He is also Anxious & Impatient. Speed to Information & Speed to Delivery are your only winning edges.

Once, post analysis he reaches out for more specific #sales information from you, he is impatient & Anxious. He is not willing to wait. Connect with him - FASTEST.

Next hour is good music. In the afternoon, not appealing, tomorrow morning - not acceptable & next week means you have lost him. On the net, he is searching again.

Speed is the Sharp Edge in information gratified markets and it cuts both ways.

Most old world 'B&M' clients wrongly believe that once they have set-up their Web-sites or opened a #fb / #Linkedin page, they have captured their clients on the net. That is like wrongly believing that once you have a Birth-Certificate, great life is automatically guranteed !

Gear your internal systems to pander to your client's Psychographics. Speed to Information & Speed to Delivery are the new Go To Market.

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