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'No' - With A Pinch Of Salt ..

We have all experienced in our long career tracks, Managers with doubtful track records who generally have the tendency to say - "No it can't be done that way !!!". Possibly to everything you seek to do. But let such Managers not put you off or demotivate your enthusiasm. The failure of your Manager could actually be the triggering point of your success. Note it. And that is an opportunity.

How to Get People to Say 'Yes' to What You want ...

- Use a personal note. ... convey your thought , convince his logic with emotions

- Be up front with your request. are seeking self-help, upfront. No harm in doing so.

- Use guilt to your advantage. ...

- Use the right words. ... not long incomprehensible words.

- Focus on what the other person will gain. ... build your strong business case to create a 'Win - Win' strategy

- Remind the person he or she can always say no. ... it's listening and fair evaluation that you are seeking.

- Appropriate use of empathy and emotional connect must be encouraged.

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